Unconscious bias and micro-aggressions

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What do peanut butter and jelly have to do with bias and micro-aggressions? 

We have associated peanut butter with jelly as a good breakfast combo. Similarly, our brains make unconscious associations between people and characteristics. It can be difficult to identify our own implicit biases, or even to admit that we have them. This does not mean that it is impossible to change implicit biases.
Research findings suggest that changing or eliminating implicit bias takes time, intention and practice. One way implicit bias can manifest itself is in the form of microaggressions: subtle verbal and nonverbal insults or derogatory messages communicated to a marginalized person, often by a person who is well-intentioned but unaware of the impact of their words or actions on the target person. 

Understanding what implicit bias is and how it impacts our decisions is critical to fostering more inclusive and cross-cultural workplaces, practices and leadership. This training session focuses on the implicit attitudes or stereotypes that shape the way we engage others and make decisions in the workplace.

TARGET AUDIENCE : All VFX and Animation industry professionals



Define implicit biases and microaggressions as well as give concrete examples of them.


Describe how implicit biases are created and how they affect the lives of diverse people.


Examine your own biases and their effects on yourself and others.


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This workshop will take place online.


Tatiana Gauvin-Lamoureux


Tuesday, November 2nd


8:00-10:00 AM

Only 30 spots available!

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Tatiana Lamoureux-Gauvin

Passionate about teaching and training, Tatiana designs and facilitates training using a learner-centered approach that respects adult learning principles. She facilitates in-person and distance learning courses, depending on the specific needs of her clients, and has expertise in coaching and training trainers to design and facilitate distance learning courses. 

Tatiana is also a lecturer at Desautels, McGill's Faculty of Management. She teaches several courses such as human resources management, multicultural management, organizational behavior and others. 

Tatiana has over 10 years of experience in the fields of human resources and training and holds a B.A. in Psychology and Management from McGill University and a Master's degree in Organizational Development from HEC Montreal. She is also a member of the Ordre des CRHA and is currently completing a Master's degree (M.Sc.) in Equity, Diversity and Inclusion from Université Laval.